Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mom Stuff Part 1.

Sheesh. My mom stuff post has been delayed by.... mom stuff.


I have a 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son. They are wonderful and crazy and exhausting. Being a mom is hard. I don't think people say that enough out loud. It's hard. For example, today my son cried because I cut his toast in half, followed by crying because I buttoned his shirt for him, followed by crying because he "doesn't have enough toys." And so on and so on. In the mean time, my daughter decided to pull all of her and her brother's clothes out of the drawers and throw them around their room, found a marker and colored her arms and legs, and also used her yogurt to finger paint the wall. Not all of our days are quite like this, but plenty are.

The thing is. Nobody talks about these kinds of things. Maybe because of fear of being called a bad parent? Or thinking that you should have more control over your kids? I don't know why, but mom's usually just want to share how funny, smart, or cute their kid is. Nobody is going to say my kid is a little asshole. Well, you know what. All kids, toddlers to teenagers are little assholes on occasion. No matter your parenting.

There are things I could do better, nobody is perfect. But I also know that I am a good mom. I'm a terrible SAHM for many other reasons that I will share another time, but despite it being the hardest job I have ever had, I've got the mom part down.

I truly think that the best thing you can do for your children is to just love them unconditionally. Seriously. Love them and tell them all the time how much you love them. Then there are a hundred thousand other different things you can do to help your children grow and learn, but start out with love. It will build your child's confidence and it will get you through the toughest days.

And just remember. You are not alone, and when your child is throwing a tantrum because they can't have a life sized purple giraffe that flies, remember that all 3 year olds are completely unreasonable and ridiculous.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


The hardest thing for me about writing my blog is that my mind goes a million different direction. It's hard for me to narrow down a specific direction I'd like to go with it. First and foremost I'm a mom, our house is under constant construction, I am currently working on better organization for EVERYTHING in our home, I lost over 30lbs in 2014 and am hoping to get to my final goal weight this year, being a SAHM I am always trying to find ways to save money, and of course I want to talk about my Etsy shop and that journey. And about 100 other things.

My hopes are that I just keep writing, whatever it is I want to write about on a given day and a focus will come along in time.

Tomorrow I will be talking about some mom stuff. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday's Wishlist - First Edition

Something that I love to do and that my husband thinks is ridiculous is make lists. I will get more into all of my lists another day, today I am starting a new weekly post on my current wishlist.

I browse lots of online shops and am always writing down things I would like, just in case. So, I thought this would be a great place to share all the things I love and feel like I need in my life. Because who doesn't need new shoes?

List #1

1. cosmos metal mint placemats from CB2 - We recently bought a new dining table from Ikea. It is glossy white and I absolutely love it, but we could also use placemats and I love love these modern ones.

2. This bag from Etsy shop ikabags - There is a TON of stuff on my list from Etsy, but at the top is this messenger bag. It has been one of my favorites for a really long time and I am surprised I haven't broke down and bought it, but I'm not one to spend $150 on a bag. At least not yet.....

3. Seattle Seahawk socks - I also have multiple Seahawks items on my wishlist, but I will share just one little one. These socks. There are lots of the Seattle skyline socks, but I especially love the blue Seahawk socks. With Seattle heading to Superbowl again!!!! There had to be at least one thing on the list today.

4. Nike International  - I am pretty sure there will always be new shoes on my wishlist. I love these Nikes and am in need of some casual comfortable shoes.

5. metal rolling cart from UO - I am always looking for new storage ideas for all of my crafty/business supplies. This is one of the cutest I have seen. There are so many uses for it, I would put one in my kitchen too if I had room for it.

That's it for this weeks wants.. tune in next week for some more fun finds.


Learning new things.

I am always late. So, it is no surprise that I am also late to learning about how great podcasts are.

I do most of my computer work at night, either listings or tweaking things or research. Well, a few nights ago for whatever reason, I decided to push the podcast button on my phone. Do people actually use all the apps on there? Anyways, I browsed through the popular ones.. subscribed to a few like Dave Ramsey (I am a big Total Money Makeover fan) , This American Life , Freakonomics , some other random ones about fitness or general stuff and also a couple small business related ones, specifically Brilliant Business Moms. This is the perfect podcast for me right now, what better to listen to interviews w successful Etsy shop owners and bloggers while I work on my own shop.

Needless to say, I'm hooked. I've always been big on listening to music while I do things. While I clean, while the kids and I play, while showering, while on the computer. Now I can learn and enjoy something else! Ok, maybe I'm the only one that is excited, but if for some strange reason there is someone else out there who hasn't dove into the land of podcasts, I highly recommend it. There is seriously something to interest everyone.

I also want to start listening to books on Audible. I love to read, but I never seem to have enough time anymore between the kids and the house and life. Being able to put a book on when I would normally turn Spotify on seems like a really great way to solve my problem.

And if anyone has any recommendations on either Podcasts they enjoy or books.. let me know!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Once More.

It's normal to keep starting blogs over again right? Ok, good.

I am not a great writer, but I want to be. I am not very consistent with posting, but I want to try to.

So, here we go again. (Anybody listen to OkGo?)

I really enjoy having a place to put my thoughts and ideas. Whether others read it or not. I like to share, about myself, about things I like, about things I find helpful. A little about everything and nothing.

I am a wife and mom of 2. I am a small business owner, creating personalized mugs in my basement turned work studio. I love road trips and antique stores and Dairy Queen and crafting and home decor. We are always in the middle of some sort of renovation project and I am completely addicted to Etsy shopping. (and not just because I have my shop there)

Don't worry, the first interesting post is coming soon.